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We are back to Taylor with Orientation Weekend, September 9 and 10!

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Absence Request

All absences must be submitted a minimum of 7 days (aka a week) in advance. Emergency absences should be communicated to the Academy office as soon as possible. Any absences impacting chamber/ensemble coachings and rehearsals MUST be communicated directly to your coach and group as well as on this form. Private lessons changes are to be arranged directly with your teacher. 

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Master Classes

Review our list of Master Classes. Things to know before you apply for master classes:

  1. You can apply for up to three master classes per semester (if applicable), however students are not guaranteed to be placed in more than one class per semester (pending readiness for a class).

  2. Junior Master Class performers may present works in progress. Senior Master Class performers must present performance-ready works.

  3. You can submit up to three proposed repertoire selections

  4. You must sign up for an RCM website account (or be logged in, if you already have one) to submit the form

  5. You must have your teacher's permission to apply for master classes - please discuss with him/her before submitting an application.

  6. For best chance at accessing your preferred classes, we strongly recommend that you submit by the following deadlines. Applications will be accepted afterwards, but available spots will be very limited.

  • Fall Early Application Deadline: October 7, 2016

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Academy Showcase Concerts

Things to know before you apply for a Showcase Concert:

  1. You must include your proposed repertoire as this is considered during programming

  2. You are responsible for contacting and booking your own accompanist

  3. You must sign up for an RCM website account (or be logged in, if you already have one) to submit the form.

  4. Students are welcome to apply for as many Showcase Concerts as they wish. Every effort will be made to ensure any student who wishes to perform and is well-prepared to perform is programmed in at least one Showcase over the academic year

  5. Your private teacher/coach will automatically receive an emailed copy of your application

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Piano Concerts

Piano students may apply to perform on 3 special Piano-themed concerts throughout the year. The December and April concerts will also include Senior Piano Duos performances; students in the class are not required to apply and will be programmed automatically. Apply now!

Concert Recordings Order Form

If you would like to get a copy of your performance at a recent concert, or an orchestra concert, go to the order form to order a copy on DVD or CD. Not all concerts are recorded. We will notify students when recordings become available. Each order is $15, and additional copies are $5.

Please note parents/guardians/faculty/students may only order a copy of their own/child's/student's performance for Showcase concerts and other solo or small ensemble concerts. 

Orders will be filled once a month, at the beginning of the month. To avoid disappointment, please make sure you have your orders in before the end of the month or you will have to wait until the following month to get your order. 

Junior Strings Program Materials

Junior Strings Handbook

Concerto Competition 2016

The online application for the 2016 Concerto Competition will open on Friday, September 16.

Rules and Requirements (PDF) 



Academy Policies and Procedures (PDF)

ActiveNet Taylor Academy Payment and Registration Guide (PDF)

Course Change Form (PDF)

Registration Guide (PDF)

Setting up Direct Debit for Tuition (PDF)

2016-17 Calendar (PDF)