The Rupert Edwards Library is a western art music performance library housing over 22,000 scores, over 20,000 CDs and DVDs, and nearly 4,000 music monographs. Though focusing on instrumental and vocal music from the early Baroque to late Romantic periods, the collection also includes some music from the Renaissance and contemporary periods. In addition to the core collection, patrons have access to electronic resources, professional and popular music periodicals, as well as printing, photocopying, and computing resources. The in-house orchestral music library connects the RCM's performing ensembles to nearly 1000 sets of orchestral music, ranging from full orchestra to chamber ensemble. An institutional archive is maintained in an effort to preserve the legacy of the Royal Conservatory.

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New Acquisitions at the Rupert Edwards Library

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The library holds over 20,000 scores. These range from solo instrumental music to small chamber ensembles to full orchestral scores. Some of our collection remains uncatalogued. Be sure to speak to us if you can't locate something.

The collection is organized according to Library of Congress Classification, an alpha-numeric numbering system that groups together music of a particular type, such as violin sonatas or opera overtures. Within each type, items are ordered by the composer's last name.

Below are guides to finding music for your instrument:

Flute; Oboe; Clarinet; Bassoon;
Horn; Trumpet; Trombone; Tuba;
Violin; Viola; Violoncello; Double bass;
Piano; Harp; Percussion; Voice;
String ensembles; Wind ensembles.


The library has approximately 6,000 monographs and texts on music history, theory, performance practice, and other areas of music literature. We have a non-circulating reference collection which  contains music encyclopedias, music and language dictionaries, repertoire lists, bibliographies, and more. You will also find a small collection of books on art history and English language and literature.


The library has a substantial collection of over 20,000 CDs. These are almost entirely in the range of Western art music. Our CDs are housed in compact shelving behind the circulation desk, so they are not browsable. Patrons must search the catalogue for recordings of interest, write down the call numbers, and bring the list to the circulation desk. Library staff will retrieve the CDs and check them out.


The library has approximately 700 video recordings on DVD and Blu-Ray. These include many opera, orchestral, and other instrumental performances; music documentaries; recorded lessons and master classes; and other music-related content. DVDs are located adjacent to the reference section and can be browsed by category.


The library currently subscribes to approximately 30 music periodicals. These include publications concerning specific instruments, such as Clavier, Horn Call, and The Double Reed; publications covering news and reviews in the recording industry such as Fanfare and Gramophone; and many others. Academic journals can be found electronically via JSTOR (see Electronic Resources below).

See below for a current list of periodicals available in print and online:

Periodicals by Title
Periodicals by Category

Electronic Resources

Electronic resource access is restricted to authorized RCM users. Visit our electronic resources page for more information on the databases to which the library subscribes.


The library has seven PC workstations available for use by faculty, staff, and the Conservatory's three schools. They are connected to the Internet and have some basic software, including a Web browser, word processor and other office productivity software, sound and image editors, and audio/video players.

Library workstations are intended for research, listening to and viewing audio and video recordings, and other academic or professional activities. Playing games, social networking, and other general Web browsing are discouraged, and may lead to forfeiting your workstation to another patron in need.

Listening/Viewing Facilities

The library currently has four listening stations, each equipped with CD players, amplifiers, and headphones. One station has, in addition, a cassette tape player and another a turntable.

We also have two new video stations that are equipped with LCD TVs and Blu-Ray/DVD players.

Reference and Instruction

Library staff are available to help students and faculty find scores, recordings, and other music resources, either in our library or from external sources. We can also help you to identify and acquire repertoire for your instrument or ensemble, to cite music sources properly in your research papers, and in other matters relating to music scholarship.

Check this page for monthly updates of new acquisitions.